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Stavros & Maria

Stavros and Maria provide Greek and American dinner and dance music for weddings, baptisms, anniversary parties, festivals, dances, and other special events.

Repertoire includes Greek and American cocktail and dinner music, and Greek dance music.


This brother-sister duo give you the full band sound you've been looking for by using Stavros Flamporis' midi arrangements as the backdrop for his live performance on keyboards, Bouzouki, guitar, and bass. To this, Stavros and Maria add their outstanding vocals.

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Frank and I so enjoyed your music last night and are excited for you and Stavros to play at Leigh and Clare's wedding! Your "Time to Say Goodbye" was breathtaking and we hope you will sing it the evening of the wedding. Frank and I are huge Andrea Boccelli fans having attended 3 of his live performances. Bravo!

Terry Essis

Maria and Stavros,Thank you for providing us with the wonderful music at our wedding. You both have beautiful voices and I think it set a nice tone for our guests. It meant the world to me to have the dedication [There You'll Be] to my brother. Thanks again.

Marg and Doug Maugans

Dear Maria, I wanted to thank you and Stavros for giving such an excellent performance at our wedding. Your music was beautiful and you kept the party going!!!!!!! You were both part of making the day magical for Ryan, myself and our family and friends. If you ever want to use us as a reference please feel free, we will always give glowing recommendations.


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