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Vocal training for healthy lifelong singing. All musical styles welcome! Pre-teen to Adult​​

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Studio Recital 2018

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Studio Recital 2017

  • Vocal exercises for strength and flexibility

  • Application of vocal technique to repertoire

  • Stylistic aspects for each genre (musical theatre, jazz, country, classical, pop, rock)

  • Performance artistry / acting / microphone technique

Who should study singing?

Anyone interested in improving the voice. Singing is a physical skill that requires study and practice, just like playing soccer, playing the violin, or training to become a dancer. Improving your voice involves doing vocal exercises to strengthen and coordinate the muscles of the larynx while learning to release tension in the muscles that interfere with free and easy singing. These exercises help you to gain strength, flexibility, balance, and vocal freedom. Healthy singing becomes easier as you begin to discover your own unique voice capable of so much beauty and expressiveness.

Do you teach belting?

What should I expect in a lesson?

The first half of the lesson involves technical work: exercises to strengthen and coordinate head voice, chest voice, head-mix, chest-mix, and transitions across the natural voice breaks (passaggi). Throughout this technical work, we attend to postural alignment, breathing, kinesthetic awareness, learning how the voice works, and problem solving technical difficulties. The second half of the lesson involves work on songs in any musical style (musical theatre, pop, country, rock, classical, jazz, etc.) with a focus on technique, musicianship, style, song interpretation, and musical artistry. We may also address the speaking voice, basic music reading, and microphone technique.

In today’s musical culture, extreme singing has become very popular. This includes pop, rock, and musical theatre belting. Any extreme singing done before the vocal instrument is strong enough and sufficiently coordinated can lead the student toward hoarseness and vocal cord dysfunction. I teach healthy belting to students who are vocally ready to undertake this demanding singing style.

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